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Business Opportunity!
Please take a few moments to look at our web page and see how you to can become a distributor of our fine line of absolutely unique candles. Because of their uniqueness they are no problem to sell.
Beautiful Hand Poured Candles
Mystic Candle Co. is a family owned and operated candle company. The tradition of creating unique candles has been with my wife and me for many years. We hope you enjoy our very decorative candles as they will make any home brighter. I bring my candle making skills from Madrid, Spain where I was born. My wife brings her candle making expertise from Ciudad Obregon, Mexico her birthplace. Our Children are acquiring their skills in candle making in Arizona.

I sincerely hope you enjoy our old world candles poured by hand. We insist on using only the finest ingredients to create individual candles, as no two are the same! All are one of a kind, as you will see in the following pages.
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Mystic Candles go hand in hand with your horoscope so please take advantage of our free horoscopes. My wife, mother and sisters do every day. You can't imagine the business, financial and love advice they give me on a daily basis. I must say my life has changed due for the better from all this advice I hope yours does as well.

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A sound business opportunity, Ask me how you can become a distributor.
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